Continuing information on the Saranap Village
 proposed mixed-use project

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Our first generation website provided an introduction to the proposed project.

This second generation website has been designed to address community questions and concerns we have received, and to update the community on the additional detail we have developed for the project.

This website will be followed by a third generation website update focused on providing further details about Saranap Village's architecture, amenities, and how the project will be experienced by customers, residents, and the public at large.

If this is your first visit to our Saranap Village project website, project highlights are available to view here.

Today's Boulevard Way

The primary design objective is to revitalize the area surrounding Boulevard Way and Saranap Avenue into a neighborhood with its own distinct "village center" identity.

The proposed redevelopment of the site incorporates a mixture of higher density housing, retail spaces, restaurants, and conveniences including a neighborhood market, local restaurant and boutique health club. Together, these enhancements will transform the Boulevard Way commercial district into a uniquely vibrant and connected community.

To develop a project that best serves and compliments the community,

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